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Every Veteran business owner has a unique story to tell about their journey through entrepreneurship. Those stories can help inspire, educate, and motivate other Veterans who are either in the middle of their own journey or considering starting one. The After Action Review Podcast (The AAR Podcast) serves as a vehicle to create, promote, and support a network of Veteran entrepreneurs by capturing and sharing their stories with the Veteran community.

The AAR Podcast, is an audio and video podcast for Military and Veteran entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, and non profit organizations. We promote entrepreneurship and Veteran products, business, and service.

Episode 48 - Levi Rodgers of RE/MAX Military City

Happy 4th of July! 

In this episode I talk to Levi Rodgers, a former Green Beret who has become a leader in the real estate market. Levi has led RE/MAX Military City to the top of the Ranks, gaining National recognition from RE/MAX and National Real Estate leaders in the Industry. He has done all of this with his Mission in mind: to show the world that his fellow Veterans, his People, can accomplish amazing things in Civilian life.  In fact, Levi's multi-million dollar company is run predominantly by ex-service members and their spouses.

For more information on RE/MAX Miltary City visit them on Facebook by clicking HERE or call his office at (210) 331-7000


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Episode 47 - Bunker Lab's Leadership Summit / Joshua Wathen

Leadership means something different to every leader. I talked to the leaders at Bunker Labs about what leadership meant to them during their Leadership Summit right here in Washington D.C. 

Then I talk to the man that helped make all those interviews possible, US Army Green Beret turned entrepreneur Joshua Wathen. We talk about transitioning from Special Forces to becoming a Freshmen in college, the world of entrepreneurship, and of course Bunker Labs.

To learn more about Bunker Labs go to
You can reach Joshua Wathen at

This episode of the The After Action Review Podcast is brought to you by Seabag Locker Coffee. Go to use promo code "AAR" and get 10% off your purchase

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Episode 46 - Tom Smoot of the Lift and Shift Foundation

Tom Smoot is the CEO of Lift and Shift, a foundation dedicated to helping Veterans with PTSD through alternative therapies based in science and technology. Tom joins me in perhaps the loudest Starbucks in Maryland to talk with me about challenges of starting a non-profit and how his passion for engineering lead him to this innovative approach to tackling the problem of PTSD.

To learn more go to and be sure to visit them on Facebook at

We all hit hard times, don't give up and don't give in. If you feel like your considering suicide call 1-800-273-8255
You can always DM me on Facebook @theaarpodcast 

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Episode 45 - Mikal Vega of Vital Warrior

My guest is the Founder and CEO of Vital Warrior. He is a 22 year combat Veteran and retired Navy Seal. He has personally walked the tough road from trauma to recovery after suffering a combat-related injury from an exploded IED that went untreated for many years. Through a series of healing modalities that became the basis of his recovery, my guest realized he could help his fellow veterans and their families with this unique system of recovery.  Vital Warrior's Mikal Vega!

To learn more about Vital Warrior visit
Also check out their Facebook Page at

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Episode 44 - Fernando Torrez

This was recorded in January 2018, so you understand some references to the political atmosphere at the time.

In this episode of The AAR Podcast, I talk to Fernando Torrez.

A native of La Paz City, Bolivia, Fernando and his family migrated to Washington D.C. at an early age for the opportunity of achieving the American Dream. Learning from his father the qualities of a self-driven entrepreneur, Fernando founded the highly successful technology firm Nanotech. 

Fernando Torrez is an Air Force Veteran, entrepreneur, and local political leader. He is a board member of the Alexandria Sheriff's Office's Correctional Services Advisory Board, the Government Relations Committee for the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the first Latino Commissioner to serve in the Alexandria Commission on Employment, Department of Community and Human Services & Center for Economic Support. Fernando is a proud family man, resides in Alexandria with his lovely wife Kamila, his two kids Alexandra and Fernando Jr. and their golden retriever Conan.

For more information on Nanotech or to reach out:

Episode 43 - Patriot Boot Camp's D.C. Hackathon

This is episode is a snapshot of a three day event, a Veteran Hackathon put on by Patriot Boot Camp here in Washington D.C. This event was incredible, the amount of time and dedication by these Vets, Vet Spouses, and Civilians was intense. Don't know what a Hackathon is? Listen and find out!

For more information Patriot Boot Camp and the next Technology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in Denver Co visit You can also learn more about the next Hackathon in Seattle, WA October 19-21 at

Sam Altman -
Bernhard “Ber” Kirchner -
Jameel Matin - or learn more about Operation Code at
Michael Irtmer -
Kerri Leigh Grady -
Kimberly McCaffrey -
Justin Johnson -
Yool-Bin U. -

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Episode 42 - Eric Mitchell of Life Flip Media

Eric Mitchell works with the very biggest names in Veteran business so he's seen it all and in this interview he shares some of the most valuable insights into business I've heard in awhile. One look at the list of companies Life Flip Media represents and you know that what Eric shares on this episode is fire! 

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and be sure to follow them on Facebook at

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Episode 41 - John Valentine of Operation Phantom Support

John Valentine is helping to feed the Fort Hood community, Veterans and servicemembers alike. His nonprofit Operation Phantom Support (OPS) does more though than just feed the community, they support it through a variety of programs that manages to help while maintaining the dignity and respect of those that need assistance. I had an opportunity to talk with John over Skype about how OPSis changing the face of Fort Hood and the city of Killeen. 

To learn more about Operation Phantom Support, go to:

And visit their Facebook page at:


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Episode 40 - Tim White of Stafford Food Security

Every day kids go hungry right here in the United States. 1 in 6 children don't know where their next meal is coming from. Former Marine Tim White is tackling that problem right here in Virginia. I sat down and talk with this amazing Veteran who is changing the lives of children every day. This is an interview you don't want to miss!

To learn more go to

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Episode 39 - Vincent "Rocco" Vargas

Episode 39 – Vincent “Rocco” Vargas

You know him from Range 15, the Mat Best crew, and his numerous YouTube videos. This fall he’s looking to conquer the world of television in the new series Mayans MC, a spinoff of the highly popular Sons of Anarchy.

In this episode we get very personal with the man behind the characters we know in film and the internet. Rocco talks about priorities in his life, career, and his family. The ups, the downs, and how it’s all played a part in who he is now. An amazing interview with someone who is truly the future of the Veteran resurgence in the Hollywood scene.

Check out his website and podcast at

He’s also on Facebook @vincentroccovargas
and on Instagram @vinnyroc

Don’t miss Mayans MC this Fall on FX!

Episode 38 - Interview with The Marine Rapper

🎙The Marine Rapper (TMR) brings his experience as a combat Veteran to life through a unique blend of rap and rock. Using a variety of rap styles from old school to new, TMR is blazing a trail in the music that is all his own. Now that he's launched Ninja Punch Music, he's helping other Veteran musicians launch their careers.

TMR and I talk about rap, the Marines, and being a different kind of Veteran than what most people expect. Great conversation with a truly talented musician.



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Google Play:


Follow The Marine Rapper on Facebook and Instagram @themarinerapper

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Episode 37 - Bunker Labs at Capitol Post D.C. Muster 2018

Click above for Audio YouTube episode

The Bunker Labs D.C. Muster 2018 took place on March 8th 2018. It was a one day experience designed to showcase military Veteran and spouse entrepreneurs connecting them to their future investors and customers. The event provided the perfect environment for veterans to share their businesses with local experts, investors, and connectors to get feedback and create relationships with the Washington DC-area's business community and impact the region's economic growth.

If you want to learn more about Bunker Labs visit and if you’re in the D.C area be sure to check out

Be sure to visit the Veteran and Veteran Spouse businesses featured in this episode.

Their links are below:

Matt Lembright -

Rennet Dallas -

Tina Claflin -

Lily Dagdag and Patricia Talavera

Anda Greeney -

Angela McConnell - www.

Episode 36 - Kyle Chesnut of Kilo Charlie Clothing

Kyle Chesnut decided to enter a market that has seen a flood of competitors over the last couple of years. What sets him apart from much of his competition is a genuine love of design and a steadfast attitude for success. Although he's relatively new to business he's not letting that slow him down one bit. In this episode we talk about what brought him into the Veteran apparel industry and where he's planning to take it.

Visit Kilo Charlie Clothing at and at Facebook at

Episode 35 - Capitol Post's Emily McMahan and Bunker Labs D.C.'s Seda Goff

 Photo credit goes to the amazing Sniper Eye Chris McPhee ( /)

Photo credit goes to the amazing Sniper Eye Chris McPhee (

Emily McMahan of Capitol Post and Seda Atam Goff of Bunker Labs DC join me to talk about Veteran entrepreneurship, what to know before starting a business, and the 2018 D.C. Muster. These women have been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship for more than awhile and in this episode they drop some serious knowledge you can't afford to miss!

Bunker Labs -

Emily McMahan launched Bunker Labs DC and is the Director of Capitol Post. After graduation from West Point, Emily was commissioned as a military police officer, and her military experience includes combat deployments supporting Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and Noble Eagle. Emily holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Seda Goff is the Director of Bunker Labs D.C. Prior to that, through Seda’s company Lighthouse Global Business, she worked with Bunker Labs companies as a consultant teaching lean startup and helping start founders map out their business ecosystem. Seda is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and holds an MBA from American University in Washington D.C. 

The Muster DC 2018
($10 off General Admission with Promo Code: AARMuster)


HUGE thank you to Green Beret Media for the photos and video!
Check them out at

Episode 34 - Jack O'Toole of Fresh Air Sensor

Veterans leaving the military with a desire to enter the world of business often have more motivation than they do starting points. The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University have a program that aims to bridge that gap for business minded Veterans leaving the military. Marine Veteran Jack O'Toole has been part of putting that program together and shares his insight into why this program might be a good for you. We also talk about the value of an MBA in today's market where it seems like not only do many business professionals have one, but there is a vocal set CEO's, business experts, and educators that are questioning the relevance and value of an MBA. We also talk about how his company, Fresh Air Sensor, is helping to keep the air in our public spaces clean and free of harmful pollutants and nasty irritants. 

To learn more about "Next Step" go to

If you want to reach out to Jack O'Toole directly:

To learn more about Fresh Air Sensor go to -


Episode 33 - CryptoTalk

Cryptocurrency is hitting some serious HIGHS and some devastating LOWS which is bringing out investors and speculators from everywhere to try and make it rich. Some entrepreneurs see an opportunity to score that startup money, but is it an investment or a straight up gamble?

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Episode 31 - Business Breakup


In this episode we explore what happens when friendship and business mix, and the outcome isn't what was expected. Jimmy Burgess and Paul Volpe talk about their experience parting ways from a mutual business and the toll it had on their relationship. They also offer their advice to Veteran entrepreneurs considering going into business together. 

Jimmy Burgess is the founder and director of True North Enterprises (TNE). 
You can find more information about TNE on Facebook at and on Instagram @TNEleadership

Paul Volpe is the founder and director of Forward March Inc. You can learn more about Forward March Inc on Facebook at

Episode 30 - Chuck Luther of Disposable Warriors

Chuck Luther.png

Chuck Luther is the Executive Director of Disposable Warriors, a non-profit organization that exists to help Active-Duty service members, Veterans, Retirees, and Reservists who have been inappropriately, unethically, or illegally discharged from the military under false pretense and without any of their rightfully-earned military benefits so that they may regain these earned benefits and, more importantly, so that they may regain their reputations and their honor. Through their subsidiary programs, they also assist homeless veterans, actively work to reduce veteran and service-member suicides, and we work with local law enforcement to provide resources and train responding officers in how to handle VIC (Veterans in Crisis) calls involving service members or veterans so that they avoid escalation and potential negative outcomes. 

In this episode Chuck talks about the personal story that lead to his founding of Disposable Warriors as well as his insight into the murky world of Veteran non-profits.