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Every Veteran business owner has a unique story to tell about their journey through entrepreneurship. Those stories can help inspire, educate, and motivate other Veterans who are either in the middle of their own journey or considering starting one. The After Action Review Podcast (The AAR Podcast) serves as a vehicle to create, promote, and support a network of Veteran entrepreneurs by capturing and sharing their stories with the Veteran community.

The AAR Podcast, is an audio and video podcast for Military and Veteran entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, and non profit organizations. We promote entrepreneurship and Veteran products, business, and service.

The Fire Within: Shedding Light on Trauma

The Fire Within: Shedding Light on Trauma
By Mat Vance, Amy Miner, Brandon Tennery, D. Wilson, Dana Brown, David Rogers, Grant Rogers, Jake Jourdonnais, John Francisco, Joseph Faulkner

PTS(D) is for all people that experience traumatic events. This book is a collection of opinions by members of the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and the independent security contracting world. There are officers and enlisted members. There are authors who were infantry, medics, scouts, intelligence, support, forward observers, artillery, mortars and a SEAL. Some authors know each other like family. Others have no clue who any of the other authors are. Some were on the same deployment and others were deployed to completely different places in completely different years. We even have the point of view from a wife of a veteran and how she handled their struggle. Their stories about war show how there’s a lot more to the diagnosis of PTS(D) than previously thought.

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